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Artist Brings A Dose Of ‘Reality’ To Disney With Silly Re-Imaginings Of Classic Disney Scenes


You’ll be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t have a special place in their heart for Disney films. There’s something about the telling of these fairytales that are comforting. They’re a great escape from reality.

Still, it’s hard to watch some of those beloved films without a critical lens as you grow up. Something just doesn’t feel right about Ariel giving up her voice, or Sleeping Beauty waiting for a kiss she can’t consent to. It’s an issue that the movie studio has tried to rectify with more recent films, however, like the decidedly more feminist recent classics Moana and Frozen.

One artist decided to bring the older classics a little closer to reality. Andhika Muksin started off by Photoshopping some of your favorite characters into photos with celebrities. His new project brings “reality” to the characters’ settings in a fascinating way.

The Jakarta-based artist is a huge Disney fan who likes to combine his love for illustration with Disney. The edits present things in new and interesting ways. Now, Andhika is bringing reality to fictional worlds. He’s working on a new series where he strips away the magic and glitz of Disney and presents your favorite characters in raw, real situations — and it’s so funny.

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