This week, Apple is holding their Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Jose, California. And while the company announced no new hardware, they did announce improvements to their Apple Watch and Desktop operating systems, alongside a new version of the mobile operating system, iOS 12, for the iPhone and iPad. 

Apple announced the usual slate of performance improvements and new features, but one feature in particular seems to have gotten people talking. You’ll finally be able to FaceTime multiple people at the same time. How many people, you ask? 32. That’s a lot of people. Most of us don’t even have that many friends. 

Apple gave a demo of how talking to so many people at once would work, showing people getting bigger as they talk and people who are silent shrinking. 

Also, you’ll be able to make yourself into an emoji, because of course. 

Some people are getting anxious just thinking about having to find 31 other people who want to FaceTime with them. 

Who even knows 32 people, let alone has 32 friends?! 

Others saw it as more of an opportunity. 

Others seem to think that so many people in one group chat may lead to some performance issues. 

Mostly though, people are trying to actually find some friends. 

What do you make of Group FaceTime? Will you be using it? 

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