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Angels deliver historic win as they pay honor to their late teammate


They all knew it was going to be a night to remember, just perhaps not how memorable it would turn out.

The Los Angeles Angels played the Seattle Mariners on Friday, July 12, in a home game meant to pay tribute to deceased former Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs. The Angels also happened to get a combined no-hitter — meaning the Mariners faced off against more than one Angels pitcher but didn’t log a single hit for the entire game.

“This was definitely for him and he was definitely watching over us tonight,” the Angels’ Mike Trout told the MLB Network following the game.  

Skaggs, age 27, was found dead in his hotel room in Texas on July 1. Local police quickly ruled out foul play or suicide, but the actual cause of death isn’t yet known. Needless to say, it came as a shock.

Following Friday night’s game, Angels payers and fans were pretty much in disbelief, and shared their thoughts online. 

To make things even more emotional, Skaggs’ mother threw the game’s opening pitch. 

“Tyler’s birthday is 7/13,” Trout told reporters following the game. “Thirteen runs, thirteen hits,” he added of 13-0 win.

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