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Alec Baldwin And Family Were Totally Scammed Into Buying Fake Statue Of Liberty Tickets


New York scam artists show no mercy—not even to celebrities. Alec Baldwin was recently targeted by one on the streets of New York while on a family outing with his wife and four children.  The 61-year-old actor purchased tickets for a Statue of Liberty cruise. Little did Alec and wife Hilaria know, they were headed to New Jersey!

The ticket had a company named Tours R Us on it along with an image of the skyline and the Statue of Liberty. The ticket obviously seemed to be legit enough to purchase. The family soon found out they had been scammed when trying to board the tour boat they were directed to a bus.

Shocked by it all, the actor took to his social media to put the scammer on blast.


The actor didn’t let it stop him and his family from their family outing though. The family of six, and one on the way, made it to the Staten Island Ferry for a tour ride that will pass by the Statue of Liberty. Pro tip: The Staten Island Ferry is free.

The family took lots of photos and videos of their adventure on their ferry ride. The actor referred to his ferry ride to Staten Island as “the best ride in NY.”

For more details on this story and photos of the Baldwin family having a good time out enjoying their ferry ride watch the video.  

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