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A Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse Is Coming This Weekend — No, That's Not a Made-Up Name



If you’re a fan of looking at moons and eclipses and have an affinity for death metal band names and the color red, then boy does Mother Nature have a treat for you this weekend. This Sunday night going into Monday morning, we’re going to experience a trifecta of celestial goodness: a Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse. I know, I know it sounds amazing.

The first thought that’s probably running through your head right now is, “there’s no way that’s an actual, scientific name for a natural phenomena” and if I didn’t know any better, I’d agree with you. If my science teachers in school taught me that this kind of stuff was going on in the world, I probably would’ve been more interested in all STEM studies and not just recess and what unwanted snack cakes I could scavenge from kids during lunch time.

But the name is the real deal, and it comes from a set of really rare phenomena culminating in a singular, dazzling spectacle. First, we’ve got a super moon, then a wolf moon, and a “blood moon” lunar eclipse.

Let’s break down what each of these three separate moon variations are.


What is a Super Moon?

These occur when a new or full moon coincides with the time of the month where the moon is closest to our humble planet. Because the moon is physically closer, it appears much larger than usual, hence the term, “Super.” Definitely sounds a lot cooler than XXL Moon, which is most probably the name of some adult entertainment featuring dudes with big butts.


What is a Wolf Moon?

A wolf moon is just the name for the first full moon of the year. I don’t know why it gets such a cool name, but I guess it has to do with starting the year off on an awesome foot.

How about the Blood Moon?

It’s always trippy when the moon’s supposed to be one color and then it ends up becoming a completely different one. The red appearance during the eclipse can be attributed to earth’s shadow. The way light refracts off of it yields a reddish tinge to our lonely, night-time globe hanging in the sky.


When’s the best time to watch it?

The confluence of all three lunar events will occur right after midnight on Sunday and will last for about 4 hours and 20 minutes (4:20 brooooo). The moon won’t be visible all over the world, however, due to the nature of the world’s rotation. But if you’re in North and South America, then you’re in luck.

If you’re not, well, you can check other people’s Instagram feeds for photos of the moon. Just don’t expect Anna Kendrick to want to look at photos of it.


Hard to blame her. Unless you’re some dope professional photographer with a telescope camera, your cell phone pics probably won’t capture the event in any way that does it justice. Just saying.

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