If you’ve been watching Season 2 of The Boys you probably know by now that Stormfront is a Nazi, but if you saw the final episode of Season 2 you also finally saw her speak German. And according to some translating Redditors, we now know what the oldest member of The Seven was saying in the show’s Season 2 finale.

Some serious spoilers for the final episode of Season 2 are ahead, so be forewarned. In the episode’s final big showdown, Stormfront is in rough shape after Homelander’s son, Ryan, angrily uses his powers to try saving his mother. The result is pretty tragic, with his mother dying and Ryan blaming himself for it, but he did stop Stormfront and left her apparently dying in the grass, mumbling to herself in German.

According to The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke, the Nazi isn’t dead. But she was seriously injured, and with her limbs blown off and one eye gouged out it’s unclear if she will be able to regenerate like she could earlier in Season 2 when Homelander laser-eyed her skin. Which is why it seems likely that the German she was mumbling was about memories of, well, a significantly better time in her life.

According to Reddit user Raidoton, the German heard while the rest of that showdown was sorted out was about a memory Stormfront had from when she was the wife of Frederick Vought, who invented Compound V.

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“It was so beautiful. How the three of us sat there, in the shade of an apple tree.

Do you remember the day Frederick? Chloe’s arms out of the car window. We found the perfect spot by the river, in the shade of an apple tree. It was the first time Chloe ate fresh apples.”


I understood a bit more. This is what she says while Homelander and Ryan talk: “… war so glücklich. Es war herrlich. Ich wollte dass er nie zu Ende geht.”


“… was so happy. It was wonderful. I wanted it to never end.”

Considering what we know about her fate and the idea that she will be tortured and disabled for at least the near future, it certainly makes sense that she would jolt back to a calm period of her life back before Compound V. And while it may not add much context to the rest of the chaos from the episode, it certainly confirms what Stormfront herself tried to dismiss as fake news at the start of that scene: she is a German Nazi, and though her future is as uncertain as anyone on The Boys, her past finally caught up with her.

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