Betting is very popular among people — even scientists make wagers on discoveries and great writers bet on the possibility of creating stories in limited amounts of words. But the monetary punishment for losing never surprises anyone. Another creative approach to a bet can lead to the mockery of a friend.

Bright Side wants to tell you a story about one guy who lost a bet and enthusiastically did what he promised.

Henry Stern played fantasy football with some friends and came in last. Under the terms of the bet, the loser had to create a calendar with their own photos. Henry didn’t get confused or back down, but with all his dedication and self-irony, he posed for his friends to create a future masterpiece.

All he needed was Photoshop and popular photos.

Henry, with the help of Photoshop, placed himself in popular images. He perfectly replaced Miley Cyrus, Janet Jackson, Marilyn Monroe and other famous people. He didn’t hesitate to look funny and posed in place of many models.

He was not the first who lost in his league.

Henry was not the first one punished for losing. As it’s written in the Daily News, “The first year, the loser had to get a tattoo, and he followed through. <…> The second year, the loser had to perform at an open mic night at a comedy club.”

We can buy a copy of this calendar!

The calendar is available to everyone. Anyone can buy it on Amazon, and all funds will go to cancer research. And most importantly, it fits any style, any place, and any occasion.

He prepared for the holidays.

Henry not only used pop culture pictures, but he also embraced the holidays. He even succeeded in playing the role of a Thanksgiving turkey and fully committed to it.

The main thing to take away from this story is to always create bright and memorable moments with your friends. We hope that Henry had a lot of fun executing his punishment because we definitely did while looking at his calendar.

Have you ever made a bet with your friends? What was the penalty for losing? Share your stories in the comments.

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