It’s hard to keep believing in romance in today’s world, when we can dismiss half the dateable population with a swipe on our phones. Do people even really date for real? Do they stick it out? Do they do nice things for each other? It turns out they do, you just have to dig deep to find out about it.

Twitter user @magsster shared her boyrfriend’s incredibly romantic gesture on their anniversary. It’s unclear if they’ve only been together a year and he had a remarkable amount of foresight, or if he decided this was the year for a secret photo book, but its still unbelievably sweet.

She writes that he took a picture of her on every one of their dates in the last year, then had a book made with all their special moments:

A Year Of Food Dates could be my memoir, but it’s a lovely walk down memory lane for these two lovebirds.

They got burgers:




What I assume is salad, but who knows, people put ranch on everything:

Biscuits and gravy:

And some pie for dessert:

Even the most cynical of Twitter users are taken in by this adorable display:

Sadly, there are always haters trying to tell a lady what she did wrong.

Luckily, she had the classic french fry defense:

Keeping reaching for that fry, girl!

You’ve made us all believe in love again. You deserve it.

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