Perhaps most people in our world feel something pleasant and cheerful when they’re spending time with dogs. These faithful, joyful, brave creatures can conquer the heart of any human, and taking care of them can turn out to be a dream job for many people. Good news: there’s a particularly interesting job opening you’ll definitely want to hear about!

Bright Side loves dogs too and we didn’t want to miss the chance to let you know about the job vacancy that could change your life entirely. And the salary they offer is very good!

MUTTS Canine Cantina is a restaurant located in Dallas, Texas that was created especially for those who love their dogs so much that they wouldn’t want to part with them for even a minute.

It’s both a dog park and a restaurant where dog owners can have a nice meal while their pooches play and run around in the park. Owners and their pets can sit together at one table and enjoy themselves.

Right now, this restaurant is in the process of opening a new location which is in Fort Worth, and that’s why they’re looking for a person whose duties will consist of playing with the visiting dogs and keeping them entertained. MUTTS will pay $100 per hour for this kind of work.

The company calls this position a “puptern” (puppy+intern) and is expecting the employee to make sure that the dogs are having a good time while their owners enjoy themselves. The company is currently hiring only one person but it’s quite possible that they will need more “pupterns” in the future.

To apply for the job you need to make a post on Instagram using #MUTTSpuptern and tag @muttscantina. The post should show your dog petting skills – a creative approach is welcome!

Here’s what their announcement says: “Show us your puppy petting skills! Do you have what it takes to be the first-ever MUTTS Puptern at our brand new location in Fort Worth?
Post a photo or video by 11/12 that shows us your puppy petting skills and use #MUTTSpuptern and tag @muttscantina for a chance to be hired as our Puptern and get PAID $100 per hour to pet puppies at our new location! Creativity is encouraged — tell us why you’re the best fit for the position in your caption! ”

The deadline is the 12th of November, 2018 and it’s a good chance for you to get the job of your dreams. So grab your camera, record a video, post it, and put the required tags. Good luck!

What other dream jobs can you think of? Please tell us about them in the comments!

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