The concept for Ratatouille: The Musical, lovingly dubbed the “Ratatousical,” started as a joke song from TikTok user Em Jaccs, who made a love ballad to Remy, the rat, titled “Remy the Rat.”

The lyrics to the song are just as ridiculous as you’d expect them to be — and that was intentional.

“Remy the Ratatouille / The rat of all my dreams / I praise you my ratatouille / May the world remember your name.”

But since this original joking ballad was posted to the app, it has evolved into an entire production. The project has stretched so far that even Patton Oswalt, who voiced Remy, the rat in the original movie, saw it on Twitter and shared it with his followers. 

“My…God…,” he tweeted, tagging the movie’s director Brad Bird. “@BradBirdA113 have you SEEN this?!?!?” 

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