Allergies are one of the most well-spread diseases. About 20% of all people in the world have allergic rhinitis, and at least 6% have a food allergy. If you have an allergy, you definitely know how important it is to take a pill right on time and to see a doctor during a flare-up. In this article, we will tell you about other things that can make your life easier if you have an allergy.

Bright Side is going to give you several useful tips on how to live with an allergy without taking a lot of pills.

1. Wear glasses instead of contact lenses.

If you have bad eyesight and you wear contact lenses, it’s better to replace them with glasses. Allergens can get right under the lens and there won’t be enough natural moisture to wash them off. You should use special drops that will relieve redness and inflammation.

2. Wash your nose and gargle your throat.

Wash your nose and mouth every day with distilled water. This procedure will make breathing easier, wash off all the allergens and remove mucus.

3. Take a shower and wash your clothes right after you come home.

On the clothes, body, and shoes, you can carry little pieces of dust. They can contribute to your allergies at home too. That’s why when you come home, you should go straight to the shower and wash your clothes as soon as possible. If you are allergic to animals, you should wash your clothes and take a shower immediately after coming into contact with them.

4. Dry your clothes inside the house.

Drying your clothes on the balcony or even in the street is a very bad idea because allergens can get on the clothes and provoke a reaction once you put them back on. Buy a special dryer.

5. Ventilate your rooms after rain.

It’s best to ventilate a room after it rains or at night when the amount of dust in the air is lower. The maximum amount of dust can be found in the morning, in windy weather, and before a thunderstorm. But if you have to ventilate the room during the day, use an air purifier.

6. Check your cosmetics.

Shampoo with honey extract or milk and shower gel with herbs can cause an allergic reaction. So be careful with the cosmetics you buy. Not all of them are good for you and natural extracts can seriously damage your health.

7. Use the air conditioner in the car.

When driving a car, try not to open the windows and use the air conditioner (if you can, do the same at home). There are a lot of different air conditioner filters that don’t let allergens from the air get into your room.

8. Clean more often.

If you clean the room every day, the concentration of allergens will be lower. It’s better to remove all the carpets: they collect dust, hair, and so on. Use special anti-allergic filters for your vacuum cleaner.

9. Stick to a diet.

Most people who are allergic to pollen also have an allergy to foods that have similar characteristics, and the so-called cross-reactivity between the allergens develops. For example, people who are allergic to weeds shouldn’t eat honey, tomatoes or citrus fruit. You should consult a specialist to find out which foods you can’t eat.

Bonus: Be careful with eyelash extensions.

In 2013, Jane Rolfe went to a beauty salon and received eyelash extensions. Unfortunately, the salon staff didn’t do the patch test (when a little amount of substance is placed on the skin sometime in advance to check if there is an allergic reaction). Jane had a severe allergic reaction to the glue. When she contacted the salon, the staff refused to remove the eyelashes, so Jane was forced to peel them off herself. Choose a beauty salon you trust.

What do you do when you are allergic to something? Share your secrets with us — they might make someone’s life easier.

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