Did you know that there were not just people on the Titanic? Or that a Caesar salad wasn’t named after the Roman emperor? Or that the Red Planet isn’t red after all? What do you think happened with the Berlin wall after its fall? Surprisingly, even the most well-known historical events hide intriguing details that only few people know about.

And Bright Side wants to share them with you in this article.

9. 706 people and 3 dogs survived the Titanic’s sinking.

According to the research, only 706 out of 2,224 passengers managed to survive the Titanic’s sinking. However, few people know that 12 dogs were also on board, but only 3 survived. All of them were small, so the owners took the dogs with them on lifeboats. They were 2 Pomeranian dogs and a Pekingese.

8. In 1415, English soldiers went to the Battle of Agincourt without pants.

In the Battle of Agincourt, English archers didn’t wear trousers but their aim was not to scare the enemy. It happened because many soldiers suffered from dysentery that caused diarrhea. So the absence of trousers made it easier to deal with that problem during the battle. By the way, England won this battle because French soldiers wore pants and got constantly distracted because of it.

7. Magellan wasn’t the first person to circumnavigate the globe.

Magellan discovered the strait that was later named in his honor, and then he sailed to the Philippines where he was killed. Only 18 out of the 265 crew members returned to Spain. Juan Sebastián del Cano was with Magellan during the trip and he managed to complete a journey around the world on a broken ship with an exhausted crew.

6. The German government sold the Berlin wall brick by brick.

After the fall of the Berlin wall, the government decided to approve the use of its bricks for the commercial purposes of getting income in foreign currency. Small parts of the wall ended up in different countries, and one of its fragments is even placed in a men’s restroom in the Main Street Casino in Las Vegas.

5. For many years people believed that Mars was red. Now we know that it is multicolored.

To begin with, nobody lied to us. Mars is mostly red. If we look at it from the Earth, it’ll look red because of a high iron content in the atmosphere and on the surface. However, if we were on the planet, we would see completely different colors.

NASA has provided a free access to thousands of pictures from Mars. The photos depict Martian landscapes the way they are and they look golden, brown, and even wine-colored. Some pictures have been edited to eliminate the color that appears because of the dust. On these pictures, Mars looks blue, green, and even multicolored.

4. During World War II, the USA tried to use bats as bombers.

According to the plan, bats were going to carry napalm bombs and then release them on Japan. They were supposed to travel large distances and land in the attics of their houses. Then the timer would go off and the bombs would explode. That plan looked good on paper and the government spent $2 million before they realized that it wouldn’t work.

3. Caesar might have known that Brutus was going to murder him.

Servilia, the mother of Marcus Junius Brutus, was the lover of Gaius Julius Caesar for a long time. That’s why some classic authors believe that Caesar was Brutus’s father. Some sources state that Brutus was very quick-tempered and didn’t approve of the relationship between his mother and Caesar. He talked to Caesar several times and probably decided to murder him after another unsuccessful attempt to persuade him.

2. The President of the USA, Andrew Jackson, had a parrot that he loved very much. However, that parrot had one unpleasant quality.

The 7th President of the USA Andrew Jackson passed away in 1837. Many people came to his funeral to honor his memory but at the most inappropriate moment, the parrot started swearing badly, so it had to be removed from the ceremony. Maybe that’s why the President loved his pet so much.

1. Caesar salad wasn’t named after Gaius Julius Caesar.

This salad was named after the Italian-American restaurateur Caesar Cardini, who came up with this salad at his Caesar Restaurant in 1924. According to the legend, Cardini came up with an idea for a salad during a holiday. With almost nothing left in the kitchen, he had to figure out what to serve to his guests, so he used everything he could find to make this salad.

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