Although fashion can surprise us with the most unexpected trends, women still pay attention to it and try to incorporate fashion trends in their everyday lives. It’s essential to know not only about the latest trends, but also about the ones that have gone out of style.

Bright Side has made a list of clothes that are hopelessly outdated, so you can avoid fashion mistakes and look stylish in any situation.

Oversized scarves

It may seem like scarves that cover not just your neck, but your shoulders as well, make a very cozy outfit. But, they distort natural body proportions. Your upper body looks too big, especially if you combine the scarf with skinny jeans or skirts and nice shoes. If you want to feel comfy and cozy, there are more elegant ways to achieve your goal. For example, you can wear a turtleneck sweater or put on a coat with a small warm scarf under it. Following these rules will help you to avoid awkward proportions.

Light skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are one of the most popular fashion trends for women. But in most cases, this style looks good only on women with a perfect body and it’s important to pay attention to the color as well. If you want your clothes to hide your imperfections, bring out your best features, and not make you look fuller, it’s better to avoid light colors, especially white, and choose the dark ones.

Clothes with floral prints

In recent years, floral prints on various articles of clothing starting from coats to underwear was a popular trend. But now they have become pretty outdated. That’s why fashion designers try to avoid floral elements and prefer clothes without floral patterns. All in all, there are many unusual fibers, designs, and colors, so you don’t have a lot to choose from.

Coat-dresses and tight outwear

Although these coats are still on-trend, they look good mostly on petite women who should be careful when choosing this style. Of course, thanks to its unusual fit, this coat accentuates the waist and looks very glamorous. But finding matching clothes may become a challenge. It’s better to pay attention to other styles like straight coats that go well with jeans, skirts, and dresses.

Jackets and coats with faux llama fur

This trend was on top for a while but now it looks hopelessly outdated. This fur looks too cheap and gaudy. And it’s difficult to create an outfit with it: there’s a good chance it’ll make you look out of style. Classic clothes are the best choice. And there’s a great variety of options here: light trench coats, tweed or wool coats, or leather jackets. It’s up to you what to choose!

Too much leopard print

Some stylists believe that animal prints are a bad choice because these clothes look too posh and aren’t elegant enough. But there’s a secret — less is more. A leopard blouse, a skirt, sneakers, or other small elements can look stylish. But a floor-length skirt, fur coats, and leggings may be too much. If you decide to wear these clothes, choose high-quality fabrics and pay attention to the other elements of your outfit.

Fishnet tights

Even though a long time ago fishnet tights were considered provocative, they now look vulgar. It doesn’t matter when you’re going to wear them — they’re outdated and not fashionable. You may be surprised that we are even talking about this. Well, there has been a recent trend to wear these tights under ripped jeans and pull them up to the chest to make them visible. But now it’s time to go back to traditional monochrome tights. You just need to choose the right ones!

Trousers with stripes and mixing styles

Some time ago trousers with stripes were madly popular but now it’s time to choose more traditional models that look classic in any situation. It’s also popular to mix different styles in your look. Many people took this trend literally and started to combine completely incompatible clothing and there’s nothing wrong with that, but you should remember that moderation is key.

Back zipper pants

All in all, this model doesn’t look that bad and many women love it thanks to its original design and the focus on the hips. However, many people don’t like these trousers: they claim that they look vulgar and aren’t very comfortable. Well, it’s up to you to make this choice but when a trend becomes popular quickly, it usually loses its popularity very quickly. It’s likely that this will happen with this trend too and we’ll go back to classic jeans again.

In conclusion, we would like to say that tastes differ and we don’t want to impose our point of view on anyone. Wear whatever you like and what makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. Fashion trends change all the time and designers don’t have the last word. So just be happy and beautiful!

Do you agree that these fashion trends are out of style? Share with us in the comments!

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