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7 The Councils of a Lazy Mother





Anna Bykova is a lazy mom. And it is no shame to acknowledge this. Moreover, the psychology and author of some of the best-selling books is proud of this “title” as she believes that she gives her children an opportunity to become more independent

However, with the lazy word, Anna does not mean stretching on the couch or hanging on the foot all day, but having a desire to not do everything by itself.

For example, sometimes it’s better to be “lazy” and let a 7-year-old wash the dishes to improve their excellent motor skills.

And there is no problem that you need to wipe the floor afterwards and wash the dishes again when the baby is not looking at you.

We rely on this unusual parenting technique, which in essence is the opposite of being extremely protective. And, with the author’s permission, we would like to share with you some tips that can make life easier for many parents.