Have you always believed that anxiety is an ailment or a disorder? Well, let us enlighten you a bit. It’s no fun for the person going through anxiety but looking at it from a negative stance is also not correct. When a person is engulfed by this disorder, they can also unknowingly develop some superpowers and these can help them during many of life’s situations.

The Bright Side team researched the mind powers and qualities that a person with anxiety has and found out that they are really useful.

1. Seeing through lies

People with anxiety disorders are more aware of their surroundings than anyone else. They are fully aware of what is happening around them, and what is being said and done. For this reason they easily pick up on lies if something doesn’t make sense to them.

When you speak to them, they concentrate and listen to each and every word. So it’s not wise to lie to them and expect that they will believe you.

2. Another level of IQ

This picture is of Kim Ung Yong, who is thought to be the most genius man in the world. He knew 4 languages by the age of 2, learned algebra at the age of 3, was a guest student at a university the age of 4, and was invited to NASA at the age of 7. His name is in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the highest IQ in the world, 210.

As a person with anxiety Yong is very analytical and apprehensive at times too, which has been attributed to his increased level of intelligence. Nothing escapes his eyes and mind, and he pays keen attention to every minute detail. It is often observed that people with a high IQ suffer from anxiety disorders and vice versa. Researchers have proven the relation between brain ability and anxiety.

3. The power of the sixth sense

Naturally gifted people with anxiety are often able to predict the future. One may say their sixth sense is active and it helps them to predict and avoid potential tragedies. Anxiety has been in existence since ancient times and humans have been occupied by worries since they were born into this world. And so has their sense of identifying threats and warning others about them.

According to studies, people with anxiety can detect threats in just 200 milliseconds! They can sense danger very quickly, and even have enough time to save a life.

4. Mindreading qualities

People with anxiety can read other people’s minds by understanding their vibes. They have the ability to identify another person’s energies. They can easily pick up negative signs and react accordingly and it’s difficult for them to stay with people with negative vibes for very long.

They are very sensitive and they can easily get to know what’s going on in another person’s mind.

5. Improved memory and creativity

People with anxiety can think for longer durations, so it’s easy for them to remember things. They’re also very creative since they are quite imaginative. Unlike normal human beings, they tend to see the situation from various perspectives. This helps them think differently and their memory helps them link past things with present situations.

With time, their imagination continues to expand too, and so does their memory.

6. Better judgement ability and empathy

No one can judge people better than those with anxiety. Since they themselves are running through varied emotions, it becomes easier for them to sense the same in other people. They understand feelings of others very well and show empathy toward them. They can also understand different kinds of emotions better than anyone else, probably because they are in the same emotional boat.

7. A gush of energy

One might think that people with anxiety feel down all the time. But the reality is that they have an increased level of energy. Their mind never stops thinking and their body never stops moving. There is this constant rush of energy in them throughout the day and they can’t sit still.

It’s always advised for them to channel this energy into something fruitful, which can also help them minimize their anxiety disorder. It’s difficult for them initially, but many people have been able to do it.

After all, anxiety isn’t such a terrible burden, especially when you have learned about all the above abilities that people with anxiety have. Have you noticed other superpowers in people with anxiety? Please share with us in the comment section below.

Source : https://brightside.me/inspiration-health/7-superpowers-people-who-suffer-from-anxiety-disorders-have-590260/