Sometimes looking at a character of a movie or a cartoon, spectators might get a feeling that they had seen it somewhere before. Some people don’t give it another thought, but others start to search for books, movies, or cartoons trying to find the very character in its first incarnation.

Bright Side collected 7 examples of famous characters that had already existed before.

Kimba the White Lion vs The Lion King

The white lion Kimba (who sounds very much like Simba) is a character of the first Japanese color animated television series filmed in 1965 and translated into many languages of the world. Apart from the color and the first letter of their names, all other details of Kimba and Simba make them like twins — they both listen to the wise advice of old baboons, fight against a cruel relative, and talk to ghosts appearing from clouds.

However, Disney Studios deny that The Lion King is the remake of Kimba the White Lion and insist that it was Hamlet and Bambi that served as the source of inspiration.

Zorro vs Batman

The Zorro character had his debut in 1919. He had a secret cave under his mansion where he kept equipment and his costume together with the “zorromobile” (that’s what the creators of Batman would call Zorro’s horse. Moreover, a butler who took an active part in the plot is there in both movies.

Looney Tunes vs Little Man

The Little Man movie leaves a feeling you have already seen it somewhere before. A baby who was left on the doorstep of the main characters’ home turns out to be a naughty dwarf and we can see the same plot happening in Looney Tunes where Bugs Bunny looks after the same kind of a “baby.” Moreover, some episodes in Little Man are absolutely the same as in Looney Tunes.

Little Monsters vs Monsters, Inc.

In the Little Monsters movie that was released in 1989, a blue monster named Maurice introduces baby Brian to the world of the monsters after the kid discovers Maurice under his bed. The monsters in this movie also scare kids and Brian gets stolen by the worst one but is then saved by his kind monster friend and, finally, the doors to the world of monsters get closed for the child. All this sounds pretty much like the plot of Monsters, Inc.

Soldier vs The Terminator

Who is Harlan Ellison whose name is in all the titles of The Terminator movies? He is the author of the Soldier story according to which the first movie and the main character of The Terminator were created. Thanks to the decision of the court, Harlan got a life-long right to be included in the titles of all the movies about Terminators.

The Christmas Toy vs Toy Story

In the 1986-year movie, toys came alive when nobody saw them and they lived their own life. According to the plot of the movie, one of the characters doesn’t know that he is a toy and gets all the other characters into trouble. Disney claims that The Christmas Toy simply inspired the studio to create the kids’ TV show made of 30 half-an-hour episodes, as well as a full-length cartoon with sequels.

Deathstroke vs Deadpool

Deathstroke is an assassin who wears a mask and has incredible weapon-using skills, as well as healing abilities. He is a character in the comic strips produced by DC comics that debuted in 1980. Just like Deadpool, he has a tendency to show up at the right moment and escape his death over and over again. It seems that there are more similarities than differences between these 2 guys.


The song “Hakuna Matata” is not a tune created especially for the cartoon The Lion King, but a famous Kenyan song called Jambo Bwana (in Swahili “Hello, Sir.”)

The short translation of the song looks like this:

Hi, Sir!
How are you?
Very fine!
Visitors are welcome to our country Kenya.
There are no worries here.

Have you noticed similarities between other characters of movies, cartoons, or books? Please tell us about them in the comments!

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