Do you believe superheroes exist? After you look at the people in this article, you’ll definitely believe in them. We’ve heard so many times that human possibilities are endless. And if you really believe in yourself, you can discover this boundlessness in you, according to an opinion based on research. In emergency situations, each person can tackle the impossible – and people who love to go to the extreme prove this perfectly.

We at Bright Side have found 7 amazing people who love going to the extreme and we can’t wait to share some of these amazing photos with you!

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1. Umbrella man

“This is how I chill at sunrise above Budapest. Morover, I’m doing it legally. Dear Will! We defeated you in the #kekechallenge!”

Kallo Peter

These amazing tricks were performed by the mysterious Umbrella Man. Nobody knows his real name, but we do know that he is a part of a balance project created by the great photographer, Kallo Peter. His philosophy is all about trying to reach an equilibrium throughout our lives and a harmony that makes us happy. The stuntman balances his own physical limitations and reaches a perfect balance between himself and the world.

2. Pasha Petkuns

“Inspiration is always around. Just open your eyes.”

Pasha Petkuns

Pasha Petkuns is a young blogger and athlete. He travels, does tricks and posts them on Instagram and Facebook. Pasha has 2 awards: 1st place from the Redbull Art of Motion 2011 and 2nd place from the Redbull Art of Motion 2011.

No wonder why he is so popular! You may call him crazy, but be sure to continue to watch all the incredible videos he posts.

3. Alain Robert

“Climbing is my passion, my philosophy of life. Although I suffer from vertigo, although my accidents left me disabled up to 66%, I have become the best solo climber.”

Alain Robert

Alain Robert is a French climber who is 56 years old and is often referred to as the French Spider-Man. Alain conquers modern skyscrapers and other “masterpieces” of industrial construction only with the help of his hands – that means no safety ropes, no climbing equipment or any lifting mechanisms. In his account, you’ll see him tackle monuments like The Golden Gate Bridge, The Sears Tower, The New York Shopping Center and even Sydney SkyPoint’s, “Citypoint”.

4. Fred Fugen

“Pro athlete in canopy piloting, wind tunnel skydiving, wingsuit flying, he has pioneered speed riding and BASE jumping for over a decade. He is Fred Fugen, our Jetman No. 3.”


Fred Fugen is a record breaker who jumped with a parachute from the highest skyscraper in the world. He was born in France and began skydiving in childhood. Both of his parents were paratroopers and Fred tried his best to earn their respect. Fred jumped on his own in 1996 and hasn’t stopped since. What makes him unique, is that he invents his own tricks.

Very often, Fred works as a pair with his friend Vince Reffet. Together they made their most dangerous and bold trick jump down from Dubai’s Burj Khalifa in 2014.

5. Oleg Cricket

“My life is like a movie. I don’t have too many dreams at night, but when they happen they are always very special.”

Oleg Cricket

Oleg Cricket is a popular roofer who is known for performing dangerous tricks on the edges of buildings and cliffsides at high altitudes. He jumps from one building to another, does somersaults, balances on railings, and drives bicycles on narrow roofs.

He says that he has exactly the same sense of fear as everyone else but he also has the habit of acting on it. That’s why it’s impossible for him to be afraid all the time since this adaptation helps him to come up with tricks.

6. Nik Wallenda

“You can overcome any obstacles that stand in your way if you remember to believe and stay positive! #NeverGiveUp”

Nik Wallenda

Nik Wallenda is an American acrobat, equilibrist, rope walker, and stuntman. He was a record holder 6 times, according to The Guinness Book of World Records.

Wallenda doesn’t consider walking on a stretch wire to be a trick, but rather, as a sport that requires special training. He performs exclusively without insurance or a safety net. Walking on the wire requires a cool sensibility, careful calculations, and constant concentration. Nik undergoes extremely active training 6 hours a day, 6 days a week.

7. David Lama

“All around the world the borders of civilization are being pushed further into the wild. Whether you go into the mountains to adventure and explore or you go there simply to enjoy some time away from the stressful city life, we need to understand that these wild places are a precious gift that we need to preserve.”

David Lama

David Lama is an Austrian climber and mountaineer. Since the age of 6, David has been involved in The Austrian Alpinist Club in Innsbruck. He shocked the climbing community, becoming the youngest athlete to ever win the World Cup in bouldering (among adults). In the same year, he won the European Climbing Championship in bouldering.

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Do you think that people who love extreme sports are crazy or are they modern-day superheroes?

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