Some animals are so cool and emotional that they really deserve an Oscar. We’re used to cute creatures playing themselves in movies. But what if they were horrifying villains?

Bright Side has collected 34 photos of animals that could be the greatest movie bad guys. Read this article to the end to find out that it’s not only our 4-legged friends that can be totally disgusted.

No, it’s not a devil. It’s just a cat with flour on its face.

“My own angry bird!”

He’ll get any role he wants.

This chameleon’s ready to cut you into pieces.

Night threat

That fire on the inside…

“I don’t want to be alone with this cat.”

“When you’re trying to summon the devil, but you end up summoning something more evil.”

“No milk for you!”

Surprise and speed are this villain’s key features.

“This is one evil looking gecko…”

“You’ll fall asleep, eventually…”

“I tried to photograph a sweet moment with my dogs cuddling, instead I captured the spawn of Satan.”

Albert the cat looks like he’s ready to punish you.

“My cat watches me.”

“My rabbit Willa looks angry all the time.”

“Right when you think you’ve conquered the watermelon…”

“Now, I’m even more scared.”

Contempt = a tiny owl

An angry baby possum

“I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle.”

When the ancient evil rises:

Bad boys don’t look at explosions.

“This dog makes me feel miserable.”

Mad scientist

“My friend’s cat just sits there and judges you.”

When you’re cute, but your director wants you to be angry.

“I’ll destroy everything you love.”

“Feed me right now!”

“I don’t want to face this goldfish…”

“Back off!”

“My friend is a pet groomer and today he had a very angry customer.”

“I’ll eat all the wires!”

One respected cat

Bonus: This apple looks like the grumpy cat.

We think that these animals are cuties despite their scary appearance. Have you ever seen villains like this? Share their photos with us!

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