Life is full of surprises and we often witness scenes that are beyond our comprehension. Thanks to the internet, we can share photos depicting the most extraordinary things — a French baguette used as a curler, a subway flooded with pandas, and a cat with the most remarkable muscles. Take a look at these pictures and see if you can figure out what’s going on!

Here at Bright Side, it took us a while to come to a conclusion as to what’s happening in these photos. Will you manage to solve these riddles?

1. When you suddenly want to read outdoors:

2. A dog walking a dog? Oh, wait…

3. A backpack of modern design

4. I have only one question. How?

5. This person is prepared for any situation:

6. On a shoestring

7. Your package has been delivered.

8. How classy!

9. Why not?

10. Are the customers supposed to pick the lower bags?

11. Just look at these muscles:

12. If you have no curler, you know what to do!

13. Safety? What’s that?

14. I wonder what the point of this competition is.

15. When you finally find a good place for a nap:

16. Extreme panda concentration detected

17. Thank you, Granny!

18. It looks weird!

19. How inventive!

20. A long vehicle with high stacks

21. “Which floor do you live on?”

22. A DIY double-decker

23. A good wedding photographer will go the extra mile for a good shot.

24. A moment before

25. This is how a time machine could look like:

26. The escape of the toys.

27. For those who can’t decide between a car and a boat:

28. Oh, those poor crushed watermelons!

29. And they say cats are liquid…

30. An amphibia car for a rainy day

Which of these shots seem the weirdest to you? Have you ever witnessed anything mind-boggling? Share your impressions and photos in the comments section below!

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