There’s a reason old photos fascinate us — they let us see and understand that the life we’re used to now was once completely different and almost unimaginable for us today. Photos from decades ago connect us to the past and give us a chance to see things that we most certainly won’t be able to during our lifetime.

Bright Side collected some historical photos that are sure to make you feel nostalgic for a time you’ve never even known.

1. A woman stands by her home in the Arkhangelsk province of the Russian Empire in 1910.

2. A man selling sponges in Vienna, Austria in 1904.

3. Women playing volleyball on stilts at Venice Beach, CA, USA in 1942.

4. 2 engineers are working on a Disney animatronic — a caveman prop that is able to move and make sounds, 1964.

5. Using banknotes as wallpaper during hyperinflation, Germany, 1923.

6. A female firefighting team on a specially converted motorcycle in London, England in 1932.

7. A model looks comfortably warm showing off the power of a heat lamp while everything behind her is frozen in Germany in 1960.

8. A female beach police officer inspecting a woman’s bathing suit in the US in 1921.

9. A special flu mask used during the Spanish Flu epidemic in England in 1919.

10. One of the original limousines in France, 1910

11. A family living in their one-room slum apartment in NYC, USA in 1890.

12. Cavalry training in England in 1935.

13. Robert Wadlow, the tallest man ever recorded and confirmed at 8’11″, pictured here in 1939, just one year before his death.

14. American troops during World War I using newly-developed acoustic technology to locate enemy aircraft.

15. Lumberjacks with California Redwood trees, USA, 1915

16. A family of acrobats performing on a street in Berlin, Germany in 1920.

17. A hairdressing Competition in Warsaw, Poland in 1932.

18. Archeologists Howard Carter and Arthur Callender and an unidentified Egyptian worker open the inner chamber and see King Tut’s sarcophagus for the first time, 1922.

19. The interior of Adolf Hitler’s bunker as captured by allied forces in 1945.

20. Colorized photo of an automobile accident in Washington D.C., circa 1921.

21. Mount Rushmore being constructed in 1939

22. Cleaning the street in NYC, USA in 1906.

23. The Golden Gate Bridge being constructed in San Francisco, 1937.

24. Models show off new beach attire in Vancouver, Canada in 1932.

25. A supermarket in the USSR in 1951.

26. The opening of Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s tomb by archaeologist Howard Carter, 1922.

27. The leader of the Bolsheviks, Vladimir Lenin, is addressing the soldiers of the Red Army that are about to leave for the Russian-Polish war, Moscow, 1920.

28. Monica Bellucci, 1992

Which of these photos amazed you the most? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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