We receive the bulk of our information about the world through our eyes. But sometimes, our eyes can deceive us! They see something that doesn’t really exist, for example, a snowman on a butterfly, a giant’s footprints in a parking lot, or even a waiter that wants to kill you.

Bright Side will show you strange photos that will surprise you. And at the end of the article, there is a bonus that will confuse even the most attentive people.

This perfectly torn sign looks like the dog is eating it.

Einstein on a subway train

“Syringe-looking pen my pharmacist gave me”

This puddle full of seaweed looks like a far away forest on a cliff.

“My muffin looks like my dog.”

“Dog-shaped ice cream”

“The shadow of this waiter putting down a plate looks like he’s going to murder me.”

This spider web that looks like a skull

“My beach-scented candle has turned into a scene reminiscent of the beach.”

The pattern on this moth found in Costa Rica looks like a snowman.

This digger has a headrest on the driver’s seat that makes it look like a cat is driving it.

This horse looks like it’s made of wood, but it’s actually made of bronze.

This mushroom looks like a very smug sloth.

The wing of this silk moth looks like a snake head.

“The old upholstery on this chair makes it look angry.”

“This picture I took of 2 swans looks like one swan with a smaller second head.”

“This picture that I took mid-firework show looks a lot like space”

This dumpster looks like the head of a Transformer that made some poor life choices.

The bottom of this corn plant looks like a tiny hand.

“My pasta looks like a brain.”

“The way this screen protector cracked made it look like a scenic mountain range.”

This puddle looks like a giant footprint.

How to confuse other people:

This cat can help you with your housework.

“Our bath tub looks like it’s drowning.”

Do you see one car or 2?

Bonus: This number looks like 215, 213, 45, or 43.

Which of these photos seemed the most confusing? Tell us in the comment section below!

Source : https://brightside.me/wonder-curiosities/27-baffling-photos-we-struggle-to-understand-589160/