Each celebrity has their own well-known look that we all easily recognize. But some celebs’ old pictures prove that they used to be quite different. Stars like Meryl Streep and Madonna liked to experiment with their appearance and some of them (like, Jason Momoa) just loved to fool around.

Bright Side invites you to have a look at some old photos of celebrities that show them with really unusual looks and makes us feel nostalgic.

26. A happy Britney Spears and Kevin Federline at their wedding, 2004

25. Breathtaking Penelope Cruz, 1993

24. Drew Barrymore at a mother-daughter fashion show, 1983

23. Michael Jackson and Milla Jovovich taking part in an ad, 1990

22. 19-year-old Jim Carrey, 1981

21. Jason Momoa and Carmen Electra during the Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding shooting, 2003

20. Princess Diana and Prince Harry at an amusement park, 1992

19. Gary Oldman and Natalie Portman on the set of Léon, 1994

18. Pamela Anderson, 1990

17. Daniel Radcliffe tied up on the set of David Copperfield after spraying various crew members with a water pistol, 1999

16. Incredible Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford, and Claudia Schiffer for Versace, 1991

15. Michael Jordan playing against Michael Jackson, 1992

14. Mariah Carey and Will Smith (they claim they’ve never dated), 1988

13. 13-year-old Britney Spears at the beginning of her career, 1995

12. Arnold Schwarzenegger is so strong that he doesn’t need shoes, 1986

11. Meryl Streep on the set of A Cry in the Dark, 1988

10. 19-year-old Madonna before her experiments with her look, 1978

9. Nicolas Cage wearing a trendy jacket, 1987

8. Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt at the premiere of Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles, 1994

7. Jane Fonda has always been a role model, 1962

6. 19-year-old Enrique Iglesias at the beach, 1989

5. Singer Cher when she gave concerts using her full name Cherilyn, 1972

4. Pablo Picasso in his studio, 1956

3. Elton John rocking the Dodgers stadium in Los Angeles, 1975

2. The Beatles shooting “Help!” in Austria, 1965

1. Pensive Marilyn Monroe, 1955

Which photo did you like the most? Do you feel nostalgic now?

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