Stamps, coins, magnets from different countries — these things are the most frequent to collect. But the heroes of our article are more unique in their passions. They collect Jedi lightsabers, tabletop games, number plates, and even ski jackets. They are so enthusiastic about their collections that you may want to follow their example and begin collecting something right away.

Bright Side found 25 collections which can be examined for hours.

25. “A year ago, I started staying in and piercing state quarters, instead of going out and getting in trouble. Here is my collection so far.”

24. “My girlfriend cleaning her Monopoly collection.”

23. “My mom collects sand from beaches all over the world…”

22. “My father-in-law just moved to a new house. His record collection required its own move and 2 trucks.”

21. “Collection of my tiny paintings — acrylic on pennies.”

20. “I bought my first blade in 1971. I stopped. This was the collection in the fall of 2016 prior to being broken up and given to my grandsons and nephews. 396 bladed items.”

19. “41 4-leaf clovers, and one 5-leaf clover. I collected them as a child and wrapped each one in tape. I put them all in a box. I thought they had long disappeared but I found them!”

18. “My friend’s grandpa was a pharmacist in the 1950s. Here are some of his things from back then.”

17. “My collection of flag pins from every country I’ve ever been to.”

16. “I work from home. Every morning, my 13-month-old son pulls all my lightsabers off the wall and sits mesmerized as I turn them on for him. Every. Morning. Man, I love Star Wars.”

15. “My dad’s garden. He has gotten to the point where he now has to sneak in new plants and little statues so my mom doesn’t tell him off for hoarding!”

14. “Some people collect stamps, while others collect fancy cars. I collect thrift store ski jackets. Here are some of my favorite finds.”

13. One fan has managed to collect all 1,262 Wii games released in North America.

12. The struggles of moving as a sneakerhead

11. “My mom’s collection of uranium glass.”

10. “This pen collection. My grandfather had a collection that would have come close to matching this!”

9. The collection of consoles which are decorations now

8. “Introducing my bottle opener collection.”

7. “The way my dad’s buddy organizes his Hotwheels collection.”

6. “My 70-year-old father-in-law started painting a couple years ago. He likes to try different styles and keeps them all.”

5. “I have an Ohio license plate from every year made, except the first year in 1908.”

4. “Keys from different points in the 20th century my grandmother kept.”

3. “Selling my house soon and packing the Lego. Took one last photo of my setup.”

2. “My dad’s collection of every item he pulled from a flat tire over 30+ years as an auto mechanic.”

1. “My favorite souvenirs: every time I travel to a new country, I buy a Harry Potter book in that language.”

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