At least once in our lives, we’ve all found a face staring back at us from a socket, a pensive grimace on a building or even “screaming” products. It’s pareidolia — a very interesting psychological phenomenon that happens when the mind perceives an image or sound where none actually exist. The most wonderful part is that it gives us the ability to see inanimate objects from another perspective and it makes our surroundings a little more fun.

Bright Side found 25 extraordinary everyday objects that almost look like they’re living and really want to interact with us!

25. “Don’t roast me!”

24. This guy has had enough tonight.

23. The peanut butter looks really dissatisfied.

22. This horrifying jalapeño

21. “Teenage mutant ninja…loafers”

20. Dog knob

19. “I never thought fruit could show such expression!”

18. “I will wash the floor with you!”

17. Just a reflection or 2 bearded men?

16. When life gives you lemons…sometimes they smile back.

15. Chicken church

14. “Is he teasing me?”

13. “Yep, I’m totally interested, continue.”

12. This chair is really scared.

11. He isn’t happy about going to the salad.

10. “Hey, girl! Wanna go on a date?”

9. A very shy decoration in a restaurant

8. “But I’m tired…”

7. Eye-shroom

6. “Seriously? I’m curious now.”

5. What did this windmill see in the air?

4. This jam is happy that it was chosen instead of peanut butter.

3. Free this dog!

2. When your owner doesn’t want to go on a diet:

1. “Dude, maybe clean me already?”

Have you ever found these kinds of faces around you? Share your stories and photos with us in the comments!

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