Burning Man is one of the craziest festivals on the planet and it takes place in Nevada’s desert every year. Thousands of people come together to create a temporary city where they live for several days. The main principles of the festival are to give mutual help, have environmental friendliness, and to not use money at all. But the main thing festival-goers experience is an incredibly creative atmosphere.

Bright Side collected the best photos from this past festival that just finished and invites you to dive into the atmosphere of freedom and drive. Who knows, maybe these shots will inspire you to see this event with your own eyes one day.

The topic of the festival this year was “I, Robot” — a reference to the works of Isaac Asimov, the science fiction writer. A nearly 100 ft inflatable sphere called ORB created by designers from Denmark became one of the most impressive works at the festival. Bjarke Ingels said the following about his project: “ORB is a mirror for earth lovers — reflecting the passing daytime, evolving life, and other artworks beneath it — a new planet to sci-fi fans, a wayfinder for travelers or just a huge disco ball to those who love a good party!”

Artists from all over the world created exhibits based on the festival’s theme and displayed them there. You can learn more about them here.

The weather conditions in the desert are not easy to deal with: heat, wind and fine white sand that can penetrate everywhere. Protecting the eyes is the most important thing for festival-goers to remember. They use masks, glasses, kerchiefs, and even plastic head balls. Wearing costumes at Burning Man is another way for participants to protect and express themselves. And, of course, they look great for Instagram photos.

When Burning Man comes to an end, all participants exchange presents. Things that aren’t needed are burned right there in the desert together with installations and the dummy that gave the name to the festival. After several days, nothing is left of the festival — no one would ever even know it was there. But after one year, Burning Man will come back again to light the fire and spirit of freedom in people’s hearts.

Have you ever visited Burning Man? Please share your impressions with us in the comments!

Source : https://brightside.me/wonder-curiosities/25-photos-from-2018s-burning-man-the-most-visually-stunning-festival-around-600660/