Do you know that paparazzi can actually earn about $150,000 a year? Unbelievably, some people are ready to pay in the 5 to 6-figure range for a single shot of their favorite star. Nowadays we can find tons of celebrity photos taken by both paparazzi and official photographers, and sometimes those pictures can reveal some hidden sides of the most famous personalities.

Bright Side gathered 24 rare photos of celebrities you’ll probably be surprised to see.

24. Robin Williams wearing a cheerleader uniform, 1979

23. Marilyn Monroe on Tobey Beach, 1949

22. Teddy Roosevelt, the first president to fly in an airplane, 1910

21. Daniel Radcliffe on the set of David Copperfield, 1999

20. Nikola Tesla sitting in his laboratory, 1899

19. Steven Spielberg on the set of Jaws, 1974

18. Gillian Anderson on the set of the X-Files, circa 1990s

17. Kurt Cobain with his daughter, 1993

16. Elijah Wood and Macaulay Culkin, 1993

15. Audrey Hepburn with her pet deer, 1958

14. Donna Summer gets a lift from Arnold Schwarzenegger, 1977

13. Freddie Mercury putting his make-up on before a concert, 1980

12. Marilyn Monroe reading, 1952

11. Bill Clinton, 4 years old, 1950

10. Salvador Dali and Françoise Hardy, Spain, 1968

9. Albert Einstein wearing fancy shoes at the beach, 1945

8. Sophia Loren at Disneyland, 1963

7. Stephen Hawking and his first wife, Jane, 1965

6. The original Star Wars cast before filming, 1977

5. Lenin and Stalin, 1922

4. Ernest Hemingway’s passport photo, 1923

3. Madonna, Sting, and Tupac chilling together at the Tribeca dinner party, 1994

2. The Obamas’ wedding day, 1992

1. Robin Williams and Todd Oppenheimer in Central Park, 1974

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