It’s hard to impress us when we can easily find high-res photos of space, and can effortlessly search for exotic plants from other parts of the planet on Instagram. But we are sure you’ve never seen a bat embryo and bet that you wouldn’t recognize human hair under a microscope.

Bright Side has collected unusual things like these and more in this compilation for you to enjoy.

24. This lizard shed its skin perfectly all in one big push.

23. A machine that perfectly lays tiles on the ground

22. “Green traffic lights are just blue glass lenses in front of a yellow-tinted bulb”

21. Both a dark and a light hair under the microscope

20. “I visited a DreamWorks animation exhibition yesterday; here’s an early sketch of Shrek (concept art) from the film’s production.”

19. A human hand and a bear’s paw

18. “The way this hamster yawns…”

17. Squids are not always small.

16. The size that ammonites could grow to 400 million years ago

15. These are not special effects for a sci-fi movie, they’re just dew drops on a plant.

14. Here are some baby otters.

13. This is what a grill looks like from the inside.

12. This thing on the tree is a weaver nest. Each bird makes its own nest.

11. Printing plates

10. A bat embryo

9. Cracking an egg underwater

8. An insane perspective on just how immense The Great Pyramid of Giza is

7. “This is genuinely the first time I’m seeing a peacock fly.”

6. Face ID is visible when you take a picture of the iPhone X.

5. How these clam shells fit together

4. A 3-day-old camel

3. A butterfly trunk under the microscope

2. Graphite cores cooling before they’ll be made into pencils

1. Closed eye visuals

What regular things have you seen from a different angle recently? Tell us in the comment section below.

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