Some people attract attention without any effort. Most times it’s due to features from genes they were granted with at birth. In this article, there are people who will inspire you with their beauty and courage.

Bright Side is excited to share 24 photos of people showing their interesting appearances and features.

“My scar doesn’t get dirty when I’m at work.”

“I only have one joint in my pinkies.”

“My kid has one streak of very dark hair.”

“My finished prosthetic eye”

“Finger crease disappeared after only 4 months of my knuckle not working.”

“My brother has a mark on his arm that looks like Baby Groot.”

“My baseball bruise could be our team logo.”

“Today I learned I have distichiasis, which is multiple rows of eyelashes.”

“My Chinese friend has a birthmark shaped like China.”

“My sister and I have a freckle in the exact same place.”

“I am a male with Coloboma of the iris.”

Coloboma is a disease when a hole in one of the structures of the eye, such as the iris, retina, choroid, or optic disc appears.

“I didn’t know this wasn’t normal.”

This girl’s veins formed a heart.

“Half of the eyelashes on my right eye are white because of vitiligo.”

“I have 4 finger segments instead of 3 on my right pinky.”

This guy had an accident, underwent skull surgery, and survived.

“The way my left hand looks”

“A friend of mine got burned in her eye and the iris changed its color.”

“My scar looks like a skull.”

“This bruise completes my tattoo.”

“No, it’s not a piercing. I inherited this preauricular sinus from my father.”

“Because of arthrogryposis, I can’t bend any of my fingers so there have never been any wrinkles on them.”

“I have Waardenburg Syndrome, which made me deaf in one ear, my hair white, and my eyes different colors.”

“The scar on my hand from a skin transplant from my upper arm gets more tan.”

Bonus: “My puppy’s paw has freckles that look like an excited face.”

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