Some people aren’t afraid of challenges and make crazy decisions that amaze others. They invent things like floating hammocks, make cookies in the car, and use DVDs instead of rearview mirrors. These inventions aren’t all that useful but they’ll definitely make you smile.

Bright Side is ready to share 24 photos from people who deserve a Mad Scientist Award.

When your computer has bad cooling:

When there are no free seats on the bus:

When you want to get married but only meet nice girls online:

When nature suggests a solution:

“My friend is selling a desk and chair and didn’t know the measurements so used her dog for scale.”

When you’re on a diet but can’t throw chocolate away:

When you want to rest on a hammock and enjoy the water:

When you don’t have a ruler:

When rain washes away your doubts:

When you’re losing your patience:

Why should you pay more if there’s no difference?

“Yes, I baked cookies in my car today. Yes, they were delicious. Now my car smells like fresh cookies. Everything is great.”

When you have no time to fix a side mirror:

“It’s not stupid if it works.”

When you take cleaning seriously:

When your soup is too hot, you have to find a solution.

Music lovers are inventive too.

When your comfort is above everything:

A man living in 2118

If you can’t fix your car, sew it up.

When you literally can’t wait anymore:

“My dad ’fixed’ the washing machine door handle.”

Ride and shop!

A 21st century date

Have you ever invented any brilliant items? Share them with us in the comments!

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