Love at first sight can be quite rare and not every first date goes smoothly. Many people fail now and then before they meet “the one.” The important thing is to let go of the past and to be able to joke about it just like people from this article do. At the end of the article, there is a bonus that will help you answer a major question — should you meet with your ex or shouldn’t you?

Bright Side believes that being mad at someone isn’t a good thing and that it’s better to just laugh at your past failures and mistakes. Take a look at the funny tweets and messages about breakups that we’ve gathered for you.

“Came across a 10-year-old photo that had my brother’s ex-wife and my ex in it. Instead of deleting them I ‘fixed’ it.”

The important thing is not to watch the next season.

He didn’t give up.

Breakups have their advantages.

And disadvantages too.

“My girlfriend’s ex asks her this every couple of months.”

“Meet my ex-wife’s new boyfriend.”

A sincere confession

“I have had dreams I would write something as witty as this.”

“When she served the divorce papers, she said she was fine splitting everything down the middle.”

Blocking is a tradition.

…That sometimes turns into a day to remember.

When everything reminds you of your breakup:

“My ex-girlfriend made this as a B-day surprise for me. The notes didn’t say anything good.”

He’s much cuter in real life. It’s just a bad photo.

“Sure, my ex totally didn’t mean to send me a selfie with her marriage certificate.”

Does he mean a balcony?

When you see your ex with her new boyfriend:

Clean slate

Level of confidence when your ex is looking at you: “Miss Universe.”

“I always have a good meme in case my ex decides to write. ”

Looks like someone is moving out…

Bonus: this simple scheme will help you decide whether you should meet your ex or not:

How is your relationship with your ex? Did you manage to remain friends? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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