Cats will never stop surprising and amusing us by fitting into the tightest places. Scientists have a couple of explanations for felines’ endless love for cozy places. By curling up in a box they feel more secure — no one can reach and bother them. Moreover, small spaces help them to preserve body heat. In this heat-saving game, our fuzzy friends try to get into compact places at any cost. And if their attempt fails — at least one paw will do!

Bright Side found 23 photos of cats who feel safe, warm, and peaceful in any place they find!

23. We can’t hide from his hypnotic glance

22. Don’t eat this bread.

21. He looks like an old wise man ready to give you some advice.

20. Looks as awkward as our positions in front of the computer sometimes!

19. Who said plastic drawers are for toys?

18. “No worries, I’m super comfortable here!”

17. “Perfection? I’ve got that.”

16. When you wanted to get cereal for breakfast, but found this:

15. Fur belly

14. “Well, I guess I’ll wash my hands another time…”

13. “Cats have no bones confirmed…”

12. Oddly ideal:

11. “If I fit I sleep!”

10. Is this a liquid cat?

9. Packed in!

8. “I guess I’m stuck.”

7. “I will plant myself here.”

6. In jail…

5. “I’m just the right size.”

4. “Am I too big? Yes. Do I care? No.”

3. “I’m not a KFC chicken!”

2. “Some spillage occurred.”

1. Small but comfortable!

Have you ever found a cat in a funny, yet uncomfortable place? Where was it? Share it with us in the comments section!

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