Researchers claim that the brain doesn’t always want to understand what the eyes see. For the brain, it’s easier to imagine something common instead of a weird object or phenomenon. For example, instead of a tree branch, we may see a monster’s paw or regular shadows can turn into scary faces. Sometimes our reality doesn’t give the brain a chance to find out what’s going on even if it tries really hard.

Bright Side assumes that the authors of these pictures still can’t quite understand what they’ve captured.

Disappearing dog

It’s not recommended to walk these stairs at night.

A truck that carries a car is towing a truck that carries a car.

This reserved guy…

The rain-drying pattern on this wall reveals the location of stairs inside the building.

When something goes wrong but you don’t want to admit it:

This bin has bad character.

There’s something we don’t know about Mario.

These reflections on the floor look like racing cars.

All motorcyclists should have a long-legged girlfriend.

In its past life, this tortoise was a bearded man in India.

Long term parking

“I thought the chair was broken.”

This pumpkin looks like a watermelon shaped like an apple.

The inside of this apple is red.

Just a tank at a petrol station

When you have no time to prepare for a date:

These blankets look like packages of meat.

A drink for those who like to suddenly fall asleep

When patience is your best friend:

This drawer is fading away.

This picture looks like 4 photos stitched together.

This door looks really tired.

Have you ever faced anything that made you ask yourself, “What’s going on?” Do you have a photo? Let’s try to find the answer together!

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