Some say, only a woman can understand another woman. We don’t know if this is true, but it seems like one female artist does, indeed, understand the problems of being a lady. Meet Loryn Brantz, a 2-time Emmy Award winner and a bestselling author. Her illustrations are so accurate that every woman can relate to them.

We at Bright Side collected 22 of Loryn’s best works for you to enjoy.

1. We never know when to stop, do we?

2. So unfair…

3. The hardest choice ever…

4. …well, almost.

5. Every woman ever

6. It’s like 2 different people

7. Women have magical powers when needed.

8. Admit it, we’ve all been there.

9. The endless cycle

10. My favorite pose

11. Black is perfect for every season.

12. This happens everytime!

13. Girls be like

14. Friday night plans

15. This works.

16. Perfect!

17. Never ask this question. Never!

18. This is not what I expected!

19. Always in a need of a good vacation

20. No guy will ever understand.

21. Those treacherous bangs

22. A hero in real life

Did you like Loryn’s works? Which ones are the most accurate? Leave a comment below!

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