There are no impossible tasks in the eyes of a good marketing manager — and there are no limits at all for a bad one! They can change Albert Einstein’s nationality, turn a nose into a strawberry and a pretty woman into a humanoid. Clients may not like the results but we’re really enjoying them and want to share them with you.

Bright Side has collected 22 ad masterpieces created by people who should definitely find another job.

Logic: a single airbed has a picture of 2 people, while a double has a picture of 1 person.

When you fail to find a plus-sized model:

At least she has a beautiful smile.

We doubt you’ll find any clients…

They had to sell all their furniture to buy this TV.

Famous Italian scientist, Albert Einstein

Where are her legs?

” ’Take part in ads,’ they said. “It’s gonna be fun,’ they said.”

An under-the-bed storage bag advertisement

We doubt it!

Photoshop skills: wanted to watch some tutorials but didn’t

The person who created this ad isn’t a perfectionist at all.

What’s the worst summer then?

“Is your nose a strawberry? Don’t you just want to tornado it right off?”

They probably used a different type of glue.

The first invisible pillow in the world!

When a designer confuses “before” and “after”:

For brave kids only

Long arms is another impossible beauty standard.

Do you hear a professional designer crying?

Where did the bus driver come from? The future?

The ad version: This picture was taken via smartphone.


Which ad deserves the Weirdest Design Decision Award? Share your opinions with us in the comments!

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