When I was a kid, Shark Week was almost a religious experience. Nature’s most terrifying animal and the reason I still hyperventilate every time I feel a piece of seaweed brush past my leg in the ocean is exactly the reason it was crucial to have Discovery Channel growing up.

For the most part, my family didn’t have cable when I was most obsessed with Shark Week, so we’d have to visit a relative’s house to binge-watch the ocean’s most terrifying predator. My older brother and I would huddle on the floor in a dark room with the blue of the TV screen bouncing off the walls — it felt like we were in the ocean. You know, without the threat of being eaten alive by a Great White.

Shark Week’s a tradition that’s been going strong for years now, and I could’ve never imagined when I was a child that there’d be something called memes about it when I was an adult, and yet here we are. 

1. Some people pointed out the little known side perks of shark week.

So when they’re menacingly brandishing their many rows of teeth on camera, remember: they’re not trying to be intimidating, they’re just smiling for you.

2. Nothing gets people in the mood like Shark Week, either.

Nothing like watching the ocean’s most efficient predators to get you going.

3. This is what the Discovery Channel’s building looks like during Shark Week.

As many people pointed out online, it must suck for whoever’s offices are located right by the fins and head.

4. Remember the epic Shark Week letdown that was Michael Phelps vs. a shark?

I haven’t forgotten the disappointment

5. Good to see that the shark who beat him is still celebrating, though.

In true Phelps-fashion to boot.

6. Even puppers love getting into the Shark Week spirit.

Fun fact: the Albanian word for shark literally translates to “Dog Fish”.

7. This guy makes a very good point.

It’s the main reason why I hate swimming in the ocean.

8. No matter what species you are…

This really, really hurts.

9. Colbert might be on to something here.

Who’s going to be paying attention to anything else?

10. Because they’re so terrifying, it’s easy to forget this fact about sharks…

Being eaten alive by a shark seems a heck of a lot scarier than dying by a disease transmitted from a mosquito. 

11. Some Shark Week questions are more pressing than others.

Definitely the first one, they need their fins. Duh.

12. The Monterey Bay Aquarium came up with some hilarious “rejected” Shark Week show mock-ups, too.

13. Honestly though, they seem pretty awesome.

14. I mean I’d totally watch them, especially with these punny titles.

Straying away from the “you’re gonna die if you go in the water” narrative might not be the best for ratings, though.

15. It’s easy to feel bad for Sharks too, especially because they can’t smile.

Not without frowning 🙁 Thanks for making me sympathize with my biggest fear, @ejnoodles.

16. It wouldn’t be Shark Week without this timeless Jack Handy quote.

Aaron Rodgers’ knows what’s up.

17. I can confirm that this legend is 100% real.

I just need to meet the person who made this discovery.

18. When you’re a shark, romance can be tough.

I’m so happy to see that Left Shark still hasn’t been forgotten.

19. This Shark just wants to know what they’re going to do after Shark Week’s over.

Life’s tough once you’re out of the limelight.

20. Kylie, you have some explaining to do.

*Cue Car Wash cover from the Shark Tale soundtrack*.

21. Once Shark Week is over, you can try this out.

He even repairs a broken boat in the middle of the ocean.

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