People have dreamt about time traveling throughout the entire history of humankind. Meanwhile, scientists have proceeded with research on the topic and say that it is highly possible. But some people already live ahead of their time and we know this after witnessing their everyday life hacks!

Bright Side values creativity and a good sense of humor. Today we have collected a set of funny photos from the geniuses who live ahead of their time.

1. Kitchen proficiency level: Jedi

2. Advancing the game to the next level

3. When the paper is too thin, a genius finds the way out.

4. “I can fix anything myself.”

5. “Bills only, alright?”

6. “Let me demonstrate the quickest way to decorate your house for Halloween…”

7. How to keep your hands clean:

8. Walking the dogs has never been this easy.

9. Kitchen space genius

10. “My dad has organized the search for Band-Aids.”

11. Knitting in 3018 will look like this:

12. Decoration life hack

13. A cooking genius living in the future

14. This genius doesn’t need to pay for an ice rink ticket.

15. When you work with a real genius:

16. A creative approach by room service is always appreciated.

17. When your parents live in 3018:

18. “My dad knows magic!”

19. A cheese stick is definitely the best instrument to measure your newborn.

20. “I’d better not go in there.”

21. The problem of phone charging positioning, solved!

Have you ever come across people who are too creative for our century? Please share your stories in the comments!

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