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Mom Finds Baby She Placed For Adoption 17 Years Ago Standing Behind Her Daughter At Dance Class


Gina Crotts was 19 years old when she fell pregnant with a baby girl named Kalyn. At the time, Gina was single, living away from her family and was unfit to raise a baby. Though the decision was a heartbreaking one, Gina ultimately placed Kalyn for adoption.

For the first few years, Kalyn’s adopted family kept Gina updated with notes about Kayln and photos as she grew.

After Gina got married, she and her husband had three children together. She was very transparent with her kids about Kalyn, telling them about the adoption, showing them pictures of their half-sister and even celebrating Kalyn’s birthday every year with cake and candles.

Gina knew she would jump at the chance to see Kalyn again, but never knew if the feeling would be reciprocated.

17 years passed since Gina said goodbye to Kalyn.

One day, she took her 13-year-old daughter, Evie, to her ballet class in Saratoga Springs, Utah.

During the class, a high school senior with long blonde hair walked up to the window so she could watch the dancers practicing their routine.

Little did Gina know the one-in-a-million chance encounter about to take place, right there in Evie’s ballet class.

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