Rules are everywhere. Don’t touch the wall, don’t go beyond the line, don’t step on the grass — it’s so tempting to break them and see what happens! Yet we’re good boys and girls, so we refuse to yield to our darkest desires. Well, these guys don’t mind breaking the rules or even interpreting them in their own way, and sometimes the result is hilarious.

Bright Side has collected 20 pictures that can cheer you up this autumn day. Enjoy!

1. The serenades aren’t the same anymore.

2. No money for a dentist? Mentos!

3. “Ah, you rebel!”

4. Revenge status: loading

5. Who needs simple decisions?

6. The cruelest prank for a foodie

7. They couldn’t help it!

8. Well, it’s small if you compare it to a truck…

9. An easy way to annoy a perfectionist

10. What? It tastes better this way!

11. When you desperately need a 1-second nap:

12. Sometimes children understand us too literally…

13. “Well, I guess this butt is allowed.”

14. Apparently, they haven’t been told, “No one likes eggheads.”

15. So what will you do now, huh?

16. 25 lilliput feet, you mean?

17. The rules exist to break them!

18. What a temptation!

19. These locks don’t work, do they?

20. Wait, they’re sitting on the elephant, it’s not forbidden!

Which pic seemed the most daring to you? What would you do if your kid did the same thing to their food? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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