Life is unpredictable and you never know when you’re going to see something really stupefying. And if this moment is also funny, it’s a great idea to take a picture. It’s always better to go through life with a sense of humor so you can appreciate the irony of what’s going on.

Bright Side found 20 inexplicable pictures that make us wonder.

1. “Come on, this is going to be funny!”

2. “I will take one.”

3. Mother Earth

4. Divide and rule.

5. More cold!

6. This awkward moment

7. Luxury transfer

8. “What’s up, bro?”

9. Trends are like…

10. He said he wanted to be a ninja turtle…

11. New technology is so comfortable!

12. Mess? Where?

13. There’s always a black sheep in every flock.

14. Suddenly

15. Low cost looks like this.

16. “Really though, what is going on here?”

17. Pikachú is not the same anymore.

18. Who wants a sandwich?

19. A creative solution

20. “I will always remember my professor.”

Have you ever had awkward moments in your life that were funny and bewildering at the same time? Tell us about it!

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