Every person can describe what happiness means for them. For some, it’s their first child, for others — an athletic achievement they had been trying to get for decades, and for our pets, it’s the moment when we appear on the doorstep after a work day. Today, we have collected the pictures where there is a ton of happiness. And this is the best way to feel positive for the whole day.

Bright Side has found some photos that will make you feel much better.

“My Vietnamese friend experiencing snow for the first time”

“I don’t think I’ll need a paternity test.”

In / out

“After 50 years of playing golf, my father made his first hole in one. I think this picture captures his true happiness.”

“My son made a friend at an airport. They don’t speak the same language, but they co-exist nicely.”

“As a kid, I visited this store *every* chance I got. Today, they’re carrying a game I made. A year after our big Kickstarter and quitting my job, this is my ‘made it’ moment.”

“I told her she was beautiful.”

“In January, the 24-hour Taco Bell that got me and my friends through college burned down. Today, it re-opened.”

When you love taking a bath:

“I hung up my art at a restaurant at Pike Place Market last weekend, a step up from the cafes I’ve been in in the past. One of the employees just sent me this saying this is the first time in a while a customer has even actually LOOKED at the art on their walls. I’m BURSTING WITH HAPPINESS RIGHT NOW!”

Pure happiness

“We made it. Survived 41 years of marriage, LOTS of tough times, newly retired. Now for some happy adventures!”

“Food” and “happiness” are synonyms in dog language.

“Proud moment for me: my movie comes out in theaters today. I spent every day since I was 12 waiting for today.”

Jerry loves her job as a therapy dog. Here she’s smiling at work!

You don’t spoil the magic when your son actually believes he is so strong that he is lifting you off the ground!

When mom asked if it might be possible to create matching orthotic devices for her daughter’s doll, the clinic jumped into action and her daughter was so grateful.

“After a false miscarriage and a rough pregnancy, I met my daughter today guys.”

When your owners get back home:

“My husband entered his first art competition and won second place in people’s choice, I’m so very proud!”

When you go to adopt a cat but she adopts you first!

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Source : https://brightside.me/wonder-curiosities/20-soul-stirring-photos-that-radiate-pure-happiness-633710/