According to the Humane Society of the United States, about 6–8 million cats and dogs are put down in U.S. shelters each year. There are a lot of different animals at these places: purebreds or mongrels, those who had to live on the streets or with abusive owners before they were found. Around 4 million of them were adopted annually. And, as our article shows, finding a loving and caring family is enough to heal all wounds and make them forget all the previous pain.

We at Bright Side adore people with a big heart and can’t wait to share these touching stories with you.

1. This cat was found in Taiwan in 2006 and this is how he looks 9 years later.

2. Bunny electrocuted himself by chewing on wires on the streets. Here is his one-year transformation.

3. This dog was found in a jungle in terrible shape, but a local animal rescue foundation saved him. This is him today.

4. 6 months after being rescued from an abusive home.

5. Kira was found almost dead from starvation living on a farm with cows. She was healthy in one week and we kept her.

6. “We’re just going to foster him,” — my mother’s words in 2015.

7. Penny the night we got her vs Penny today

8. My foster went from just 3 lbs (with multiple infections and having to be syringe fed) to over 7 lbs in just a month!

9. Lana was pulled out of the county shelter with a fractured hip. She had a hip surgery. Today (right photo) she is off to her new home!

10. Barkley, rescued from the streets of Puerto Rico and loved back to health.

11. Incredible transformation!

12. Olivia was found sleeping on the street in a poor neighborhood. She was malnourished and had mange. She is better and happy now.

13. Cousteau: from a scrawny street kitty in New Orleans to a prince living in Paris.

14. Found this 6 week old dude who almost drowned in a storm drain. He has grown to be a fat, loving, adorable cat.

15. We found her infested with fleas on the curb 3 months ago. Her name is Sky and she likes rain.

16. My dog Wynter from living in the streets to relaxing in my backyard.

17. From a homeless 8-week-old to a 6-month-old part of the family!

18. Timmy was hit over the head with a blunt object by his racing trainer. After surgery, therapy, and plenty of TLC he was re-homed and lives every day to the fullest!

19. My gorgeous pupper with her puppies before I adopted her and 3.5 years later.

20. Mr. Biscuits tried to get warm in a car engine and was badly burned when the car drove away. Look at how happy he is now!

Are you amazed by these transformations? Do you have animals? Share your stories in the comments!

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