We use the word “genius” to speak about someone who has an outstanding and rare natural ability or skill. The heroes of this compilation have an unsurpassed skill of hacking their lives in the most hilarious ways. They know how to use the most ordinary objects at hand as improvised tools and there’s no problem they can’t solve!

Here at Bright Side, we’re glad to meet these quick-witted people with creativity that knows no bounds, and we can’t wait to introduce them to you!

1. When your local store has a “bring your own cup” promotion:

2. This is brilliant!

3. No coffee filters? No problem!

4. Who knew hunger for ice cream could be so strong!

5. Why not take advantage of hot sunny days?

6. They didn’t have a tea mug and had to improvise.

7. There’s nothing you can’t do if you have a drill.

8. Another outstanding accessory for “Bring Your Own Cup Day”

9. Now it’s safe!

10. This person is a genius!

11. If you don’t have a cap, a map or newspaper would come in handy.

12. Here’s how you make an improvised spoon:

13. If your car is missing its headlights, just use some empty plastic containers in suitable colors…

14. …or some duct tape, a marker, and your imagination.

15. When one picture changes your life:

16. What about using a T-shirt as a car seat cover?

17. Now, this remote will never get lost.

18. There are a million ways to use LEGO bricks if you just get creative!

19. Who needs weather stripping when you have socks?

20. This is what a VIP playground looks like:

Which of the people featured in our compilation seemed like real geniuses to you? Have you ever seen people solving their everyday problems in such brilliant ways? Share your thoughts and stories in the comments!

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