As Wikipedia tells us, engineers are people who invent, design, analyze, build and test machines and structures until they make sure that they serve their wanted purpose — all while making them 100% safe to use. The difference between real engineers and engineer-wannabes is the fact that the latter don’t think about safety and don’t test their “inventions” thoroughly before using them. That’s probably what makes them so funny and hilariously innovative.

Bright Side found 21 people who clearly have the imagination and abilities of a true engineer whether their experiments work out or not.

1. New faucets are expensive.

2. How to make a convertible look less cool:

3. “It’s a type of knife, okay?”

4. You should probably avoid long trips.

5. That’s how you make your car feel like home…

6. So comfortable it hurts!

7. There’s always something to take place of the wheel.

8. Pokémon Go would be much easier using this bicycle.

9. A DIY smoothie using a DIY blender

10. Just don’t leave the car under the sun!

11. Why buy something new when you can repair the old one?

12. Everyone installs alarms. This guy installed a lock.

13. “A feast for your eyes, you judgemental neighbors!”

14. Just hang in there.

15. Duct tape aka the solution to every problem

16. You had one simple job.

17. Because 1 big wheel equals 4 smaller ones!

18. Who says that you have to spend $500 on a new couch?

19. Candlelit dinners never looked more romantic.

20. A hat you won’t be able to buy anywhere

21. Being a part of the trend, just a bit unconventionally…

Have you ever seen or done a DIY home or personal project that any engineer would be jealous of? Please share your experiences with us down in the comment section.

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