It’s a well-known fact that emotions can be felt not only by people but by animals as well. Sometimes they even manage to convey joy or sadness to us. Just look at this compilation — it covers the whole spectrum of different moods.

Bright Side wants to show you photos that will put a big smile on your face.

When you and your owner shifted to a healthier lifestyle:

We think so too…

“It’s not me who did it! I swear!”

What a typical family portrait looks like:

When a human accidentally forgets to close the bathroom door:

When you hate being photographed:

When you’re really not a morning person:

A panda that is too scared to stay alone

“Let me goooooo!”

“Finally, they took me for a boat ride!”

Happiness is in every minute of life.

Paradise on beloved laps…

You can forgive anything that gives you this look…

He is tired but still continues to enjoy the walk.

Guess whose birthday it is…

An elephant that sees sea lions

A good actor

“Did you say ball? Where is my ball?”

When you are an athlete deep down in your soul:

Brutality is his second name!

“Why did I agree to come here?”

“Shopping! Yay!”

“Oh God! What on Earth have I done again?”

Every emotion within several seconds

When they don’t make you wear a seatbelt:

Ah, this incredibly pure creature!

“Wait, is it not a weekend today?”

Everyone has that friend that spoils every photo.

“What about me?”

Perfect rocker smile!

The photo that should be looked at when in a bad mood:

Do you have pets that are as emotional as the ones in our compilation? Please show them to us in the comments!

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