According to statistics, Americans are a very superstitious nation — 42% of people living in the USA believe in ghosts, 26% are afraid of witches and 24% are convinced that reincarnation is real. It’s no doubt that the American way of life significantly differs from other countries and that’s why foreigners often have many questions regarding the lifestyle in the US.

Bright Side gathered 20 of the most surprising things that exist only in America and usually confuse the rest of the world.

20. Stores are open 24/7.

19. There’s lots of mayonnaise in the food.

18. People drink their coffee while walking.

17. People wear flip-flops outside of the beach.

16. Strangers smile at you all the time.

15. Halloween is one of the most favorite holidays.

14. People like grilling food, especially on special occasions.

13. You have to tip waiters, bartenders, taxi drivers, baristas, concierges, hotel maids, tour guides, and so on.

12. Waiters are constantly asking if everything’s okay with your food.

11. There’s no need to enter your PIN to use your debit card — you just sign the bill.

10. American flags are displayed everywhere.

9. The showerheads are unadjustable.

8. People wear pajamas while shopping.

7. All the currency looks the same.

6. The cars are huge.

5. And the food portions are enormous.

4. There’s always a massive gap at the edge of the bathroom stalls’ doors.

3. The water level in the toilets is so high that you can almost feel it…

2. No matter what the season, restaurants serve only ice-cold water.

1. There’s a separate room for the washing machine and the dryer in the apartment/house.

Which of these American things did you find to be the most confusing? Share your opinions with us in the comments!

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