AliExpress can be irreplaceable sometimes. Especially if you need something unique and cheap. In this article, you can find a selection of cool items that you can buy for no more than $3, like an apron for shaving or a watermelon knife. We’ve also prepared a small gift for you — a video that will take away all your stress.

We at Bright Side bought all these useful trinkets. What would you like to buy?

20. A cat massager

19. A shoe size measuring tool for baby feet

18. A travel pillow

17. Creative stickers

16. Black cat fruit forks

15. Hot water bags for hands and feet

14. An adjustable measuring spoon

13. Waist belt bags

12. Funny animal socks

11. An apron for shaving

10. A watermelon slicer


8. Laundry bags

7. A holder for slippers

6. Original drink containers

5. 100-year-long perpetual calendar

4. Colorful umbrella wall hooks

3. Colorful spoons

2. Muffin-top muffin holders

1. Stress relief toys

Look at them in motion.

Do you want to buy them all? Tell us in the comments below.

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