Just like humans, animals are able to show their passion, empathy, and affection. For example, it’s a well-known fact that swans usually stay with one mate for their entire lifetime. Moreover, these birds feel very responsible for their cygnets and there is a hypothesis that says it’s their kids that are the reason for spending their whole lives together.

We at Bright Side suggest that you have a look at these adorable animal families and see what animal love with cubs and their partners is like.

1. Proud parents

2. “Meet your new doggies!”

3. Almost 101 Dalmatians

4. “Wanna play with us?”

5. Ah, those puppies…aren’t they cute?

6. “Follow me, my family!”

7. “We were just playing.”

8. “You should’ve taken the sleigh.”

9. Evening howling

10. “Where are you, sonny?”

11. “May I have this dance?”

12. A morning walk

13. “My kids are my treasure.”

14. Taking a bite

15. Their facial expressions clearly show they are a family.

16. “Mom, I love you so much!”

17. The protectors

18. Kissing in the rain

19. “Come, Simba! I’ll show you the world!”

20. On guard!

21. Double pleasure

22. May I have this kiss forever?

23. Sleep, baby, sleep…

24. “Mother will always share food with you.”

25. Ah, that look!

26. Crossing the road

27. Family portrait

28. “Did you say something?”

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Source : https://brightside.me/wonder-animals/20-adorable-animal-families-that-made-us-go-aww-638560/