Coincidences can be really ridiculous! Some people do their job and don’t think about the consequences. So get some popcorn because we’ve collected some funny and absurd things created by negligent designers.

Bright Side has found some photos depicting incredibly hilarious coincidences that aren’t actually coincidental at all.

An alternative version we didn’t expect to see

“What have I done?”

At least they attract drivers.

When you want to support your friend but make things even worse:

An embarrassing cloud

Strict men hiding their true nature

Ad placement goals

This is why you have to think twice before doing your job.

Why do ads always attract garbage bins?

Hanging posters can be challenging too.


“Closer than you think!”

“Well, I’d better wait.”

An incredible level of sarcasm

One reason to stop photobombing

This girl looks like she has a tongue piercing.

Just one mistake and we get this:

Holding a “cup”

“My brother’s face in the rear view mirror”

This cutout makes it look like Chris Pratt has breasts.

Which coincidence is the funniest? Tell us in the comments.

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