Sometimes we feel down and don’t see how wonderful the world and its inhabitants are. In these moments let’s open up our eyes wider. Animals are an endless source of positive emotions and can have therapeutic effect on us.

Bright Side can’t promise this bunch of animal photos will change your world. But they will definitely come with a heartwarming side effect.

1. “Wow, that’s who lives in the egg!”

2. “I could look into those eyes forever.”

3. Scary funny or funny scary?

4. “My heart just melted.”

5. “What can your favorite sleeping position tell about you?”

6. Mesmerizing onions…

7. Partners in crime

8. Not very identical twins

9. That’s what we call positive thinking.

10. Cuteness overload

11. Ninja cat

12. “Who dropped the dogs all over the floor?”

13. Doggo, his best buddy, and that stunning background

14. “Sweetest nap on my lap”

15. When you’ve found someone who’s just as cute as you are:

16. “Tonight it’s my turn to sleep.”

17. Hold hands, not grudges

18. Long distance relationships

19. Everybody loves compliments.

Which one of those did you like the most? Share your emotions in the comments.

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