If you stop and take a look around, you’ll see so many cool things that you probably never expected to face. You’ll understand that our reality still can surprise us. You don’t believe us? Then read our article showing the most awesome photos.

Bright Side invites you to put all your cares aside and enjoy this compilation.

Is it a cosmonaut training center for children?

When you suddenly realize your diet is over:

Here’s a long coat dalmatian. Now you’ve seen everything.

“When I noticed a glitch in the Matrix.”

“A friend of mine had this owl family staying in his barn.”

“I found a bullet in a tree while milling it.”

We’ve been doing it wrong for years.

3 seasons outside the window

When it’s your lucky day:

New road marking

A bit windy

This time, scissors win.

When you play The Sims but forget to rotate.

“I’m afraid to assume what my daughter is playing right now.”

When your trash accidentally turns into a piece of modern art:

High altitude aerial view. Wait…

When a healthcare organization cares not only about your health:

The way the sunlight hits this doorknob:

It’s definitely magic.

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Source : https://brightside.me/wonder-curiosities/19-people-who-unexpectedly-faced-something-weird-and-they-still-cant-get-over-it-611160/